\(ˈ)dī.|treməd.əs\ adjective
Etymology: di- + Greek trēmat-, trēma hole + English -ous — more at throw
1. : having the two genital openings separate — used of freshwater pulmonate snails
2. : having the genital and anal openings separate — used of viviparous fishes

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ditrematous, a. Zool.
[f. mod.L. Ditrēmata neut. pl. (f. Gr. δι-, di2 + τρῆµα, τρηµατ- opening) + -ous.]
Of or pertaining to the Ditremata, a division of gastropod molluscs, having the external male and female orifices widely separate; also, having the anal and genital orifices distinct, as in Ditrema, a genus of fishes.
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